Boiler and Heating Checks Ready for Cold Weather

As winter approaches, we start to think about the usual drop in winter temperatures and the unpredictable British weather.

To help to keep your home warm, we’ve got a shortlist of boiler and heating checks. Some are simple, like checking your boiler works as expected and booking your boiler service well in advance of a cold snap.

If you have any concerns about your boiler or central heating, we recommend that you book a visit from your local gas safe registered engineer. The sooner you book, the better, as they do get swamped during the colder months.

Don’t wait for a full heating breakdown during freezing conditions. There is a lot to consider, and here is a summary for you.

An engineer will start with a visual check before the service. It’s crucial to ensure that all the pipework and position of your boiler are correct. Your engineer will then operate the controls on your boiler to identify any problems. After establishing the full functioning of the boiler, they will move on to the cleaning of the components behind the boiler casing.

Monitoring the correct gas pressure and flow through the flue by using a flue gas analyser, checks the combustion. The boiler should burn the right mix of gas and air. If the flue is blocked, a check will identify the problem.

The engineer must clean the electrical connections to maintain good condition. Fans work efficiently when the dust isn’t allowed to build up. All seals should be intact and replaced as required. Clean electrodes in good condition will enable the boiler power up every time.

Every boiler has safety devices to ensure the boiler will cut out in the event of a component failure. One common problem is a blocked condensation trap/pipe. Boilers cutting out may be due to ice in the line. There are easy remedies and tips to prevent freezing pipes – ask you gas engineer about the best boiler options to withstand the cold snaps.

A qualified engineer will inform you if your boiler does not meet building & safety regulations and laws. The engineer should explain any boiler maintenance or repair work as required. Ask about parts and whether they are from a reputable manufacturer – ideally from the manufacturer of your boiler.

Expect your boiler service to last around half an hour. Before you pay, make sure that you get a full-service report. You may need to sign an account of the service inspection, so do read it and review every element of the information.

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